Entorno casa rural Les Cots, Catalunya

The property is located right in the countryside, surrounded by fields and forest.

Entorno casa rural Les Cots, La Segarra

The property is located right in the countryside, surrounded by fields and forest.

Piscina casa rural de Les Cots de Lloberola

The pool is located under the "Pairal"

Casa de turisme rural La Torre, des d'on es veuen les altres cases

The cottage "La Torre" is in the highest peak of "Les Cots"

Entrada casa de turisme rural La Pairal

"The Pairal" is the house of the estate of rural tourism of "Les Cots".

Zona de juegos casa de turismo rural

We have children and sports areas

Habitación casa de turismo rural

Double and triple room with rural style

Natural environment and the quiet rural tourism, La Segarra

Natural environment and the quiet rural tourism on "Les Cots"


Holiday cottage, rural tourism at Les Cots Les Cots de Lloberola

Les Cots de Lloberola estate is situated in the north of the Segarra region, and it is adjacent to Solsonès, just after the village of Lloberola. This country estate is completely isolated and covers 175 ha. It is in an entirely rural setting, surrounded by farmland and woods. Its altitude ranges between 600 and 700 m.

The cottage La Pairal, La Pallera, El Cobert, La Sala and the entire communal area (swimming pool, playground, football pitch and volleyball court and table of ping-pong) are located in the lower part of the estate. El Cobert and La Pallera are separated by 150 m, the perfect distance for independent groups, but at the same time ideal for groups of more than 14 people that want to be together because with La Sala, which is in the middle, helps to make it a very comfortable stay.

La Torre and your pool is found on the highest part of the estate, some 800 m above the lower part, it is noted for its structure and for the views it affords. Visitors will find different pathways all over the estate, these can be explored both on foot and on mountain bike. There are signposted routes in the woods, as well as the camí ral (public ancient path), the oak, and other nooks just waiting to be discovered.

The shared swimming pool to El Cobert, La Pairal and la Pallera, is 80 m2. In the pool area there is a bath, showers, hammocks, and two decks.


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In Les Cots there are new habitants, the wan to know?

Sant Joan en la Pallera
Nos hemos alojado en la Pallera un grupo de 7 adultos con 3 niños y 3 bebes. La casa está muy bien equipada. Nos encantó la mesa redonda, ideal para...
Fuimos un grupo de 10 con dos crios pequeños, es la tercera vez que repetimos, y como en las veces anteriores todo ha ido muy bien, la casa super...
Temps a Lloberola