It all begins in the morning! Having a nice breakfast while enjoying the views and the peace and quiet of Les Cots, all I can hear is the whisper of the wind which will go with me everywhere today, a day which promises to be filled with powerful sensations and smells.

I will begin by walking along the camí ral (public ancient path), taking the opportunity to leave my inscription on the rocks, just as other travellers who have already passed this way have done. I head for the highest part where, at the top, I discover the splendour of La Torre. I take ten minutes to sit down on a rock and take in the view from here, which is truly a privilege… I walk around it and take the path which brings me to the woods, where a little trail awaits me, filled with the purest of smells and colours, allowing for a few moments of complete disconnection...

Temps a Lloberola