Nombre de places: 
Maximum of 47 guests
€450 for groups staying in the estate (2 days )
In your house you will be provided with towels, toilet paper, rubbish bags, washing up liquid, plates, sponge, and tea towels.

This old rustic barn used to keep firewood has been transformed into an ideal place for larger groups. It is a fully equipped spacious room which serves as a dinning and as a common area for all the guests of the Les Corts estate.

Here you will be able to organize meals and enjoy each other’s company during your stay.
Les Cots is also available for one-day celebrations, so you may enjoy the surroundings and facilities that this estate has to offer.

Dining room for 35 guests Dining room with fully equipped kitchenDining room with dishwasherDining room with microwave Dining room with bathroom Dining room with TV Dining room with TV
Dining room for up to 47 guests.
Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, vitroceramic hob and blender, italian coffee vs Nespresso
TV. Indoor barbeque.


Temps a Lloberola